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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  August 12, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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sections. northwestern and western sections of howard county, too and north-central secs of montgomery county and watching this storm now. it has a history of a lot of rotation and some he wind right now and that is to the east of 15 there and to the northwest of frederick. the center of the storm is on top of you with very, very heavy rain and i would say you're getting severe hail, one to 1 1/2 inch and to -- and mount airy the storm is about to move through you. in communities around mount rarey -- airy and the lake woodville area, new london there and this storm is baring down on you right now and woodsboro, appears you're out of the area of the rotation with the storm and i won't tell
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to you stand down. there is more to the north and west of you with heavy rain and high wind that is to work through and walkersville, heavy rain about to move through as well and not where we feel like is the part of the storm that is producing a tornado and you're about to get hit with very, error -- very, very high wind and rain as well and i'll give you a better idea here and none crossed south of 70 yet but it's about to. >> and we have had reports of winds gusting as high as 60 miles an hour and they not tornado winds but equivalent to what came through the area this morning and with that first area of violent storms and these storms are, again, traversing northern maryland and they doing a lot of damage. no report of a tornado but
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marching southeast quickly and they're going to cross 70 in minutes and everyone needs to be alert and we have had a couple of reports of large hail and a lot of danger signs. yesterday, the tornado warnings and we're worried about trees falling and the lightning and the storms are producing two inches of rain in 30 to 45 minutes and that is a big danger as well. >> and i'm issuing this far in advance of the center of rotation and all of these are very, very small. mount ayr, village west. ridgewood estates. in the communities around mount airy you know who you are and this is taking place, bakely right now and that storm is moving 20 to 25 miles per hour and let me clear that. i want to give everyone plenty
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of notice here and i will take it to 70 and bring it here. these are the communities effected the next 10 minutes or so and this is it's saying right now that you're a little bit of a warning ahead of this rotation. >> and, you know, people have to watch into columbia and perhaps olney and damascus as it moves south the next 30 minutes and we're watching that severe storm watch until 9:00 and the rest of the region is not off the hook and once we get it this line through, i won't see another line and this is the third round of storms to cross when you count what happened this morning and this is going to take down lines and trees and there are going to be more power outages andgariy is showing us we have an indication of rotation at a lower level of our thunderstorm
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and that is not a good sign. >> it's getting stronger in terms of rotation and there is an area here to the east- southeast of the low-level rotation indicator and that is an area of intake and let me give you an idea what is going on. in here, we believe the storm is rotating, okay? right in here and this is the area that is most dangerous with this storm right now. most dangerous. the whole area is under the gun for high wind and torn auto and this is where this storm is bringing in a lot of warm-moist air and rotating. there is a signature here. you can get a sense from this that there is a signature there that potentially could be some rotation that we're seeing and, again, it's not that strong. since we're getting the low- level indicator, definitely this storm appears to be pulsing back up. and the concerns for a potential for an addict
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activity from this storm begin to get a little bit greater when we start to see that and not only do we have the low- level indicator but have an arrow, called the sheer arrow and we're confident at the least this storm is producing 60 to 70 miles straight-line wind and that is north of mount ayr. >> and a little community called woodbine. >> and on the phone with us is shamus sannie to. what are you seeing? >> are you in a safe place? >> i am in a safe place and i can tell you we're having severe thunder and lightning and a lot of rain. the wind is high but not like tornado wind and you can see like the clouds and stuff moving. they look look they're moving in a circular pattern.
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>> and they probably are and can i ask if you're in the lowest level of the home and if you're in the interior room? >> yes, and we'll be just fine. >> okay. >> on and how long you have been experiencing this? >> this has been going for about 10 or 15 minutes. it was dark and a lot of thunder and lightning for 25 minutes before that. >> and now feel like you're in the peak of the wind? >> definitely. >> is it hard to tell with the heavy rain? >> we have not seen or heard any hail. >> okay. >> and. >> just a lot of thunder and lightning. you believed that you saw evident of rotation. would you describe what you saw? >> it looks like the clouds and you see them one way and turn and go another way. >> okay. >> you are close to what we
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think is the center of the dangerous storm and the tornado warning will be extended for a bit. >> and i put some colors here and indicators of potential winds and this is in the core of this, north of mount airy and woodville, not woodbine where -- and that is north of mount airy. and you're under strong winds and if not, they past you and potentially damaging winds, too and through liberty town and the mcdonald area. this is approaching i-70 and you can see this wind is to the north of you. the actual part of the storm and the rain may not be there but the wind. that is rotation there where was showing you the very, very
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high wind. and -- >> remind you we would love to hear from you and very close to the center of the circulation. call her at 202895-3000. i would be interested to hear from someone in the mount ayr area, gary and east of there as you were talking about in that community of woodville or woodbine? >> woodville was under the area of rotation where they were picking up the very, very strong winds moving through and that is north of mount ayr there. that is between the mount airy and taylorsville. and that is under the gun for the very, very high wind and that is moving into the northern sections of mount ayr. about four miles north of downtown mount ayr, where the strongest part of circulation is and we might add we don't have confirmation of tornados but it's been a long-lived
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rotating storm coming to pennsylvania and that moved into nowhere sections around emmitsburg and have the communities affected and this is way out ahead of the storm and i want to give you as much notice as possible with the particular thunderstorms as they move on through and basically in there, twin maples, popular springs, schaeffers mill estates, lisbon, florence manor -- all of these communities basically right there and in nowhere parts of montgomery county and extreme northwestern sections of howard county and those are the communities there and most of this is outing of i-70 and in mount ayr, take cover immediately. >> absolutely. >> and there is no confirmation, the storm continues to give us all the warnings and indicators to see
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of a danger on you storm. >> damass causeus can not off the hook and this the tornado warnings go until 515time and for a small sick of the counties, the entire county gets warm and we're worried about the northeastern corner of the county or columbia and howard county and this storm is ready to cross interstate 70 and we talked about this and it's dangerous to be in your car when a tornado is approaching, too and reconsider that and pull off or seek shelter. >> and we have a lot of commuters into northern section of howard county and into parts of frederick county and southern carol county, too. if you know your spouse, tell them to stand down and not come up into the storm. as sue mentioned, the car is
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not the place to be and not all. one thing, we have been continuing to watch the specifics of the storms and the hail size has been going up and we're seeing an inch to an inch and a half and looks like the hail indicators are going up and seeing two inches of hail. when i see at, i think damage. and if you're south of 70 and you can get protection, go out and bring them into the garage and under the car potts, whatever you can do and even trees and that is your call. i am giving you a bit of a heads up here that there is some very large, potentially damaging hail from this storm. i think damascus, you're into the hail corps probably before you know it and all those folks will be into this as well and mount ayr, you're getting the very, very heavy rain and very,
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very large amounts of lightning from this and dangerous lightning coming on down and the rain rates are high, too and we lost the low indicators and that is good news for the storm and no false hope there. the bpi number that we watch staid down around 2-point sub. that is good news and that is down from the 4 from earlier. >> emily is in woodsboro, maryland. can you hear me? >> yes. >> thank you for calling in. woodboro is on route 550 and south of thurmont, maryland. what is going where you live? >> right now, the rain is letting up. the clouds are not too dark. the winds died down.
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>> that is good to know and looks like the worst is over for you. what can you -- you can describe what was happening at the peak of the storm as it passed your area? >> the wind picked up very, very, very heavily. the rain was coming down and all of a sudden, it was pouring down. >> and did you notice any damage around your area? >> not that we see. we're inside and won't see too much out there. >> did you get the storm earlier this morning when it came through or was this one worse? >> i would say the one earlier this morning in braddocks heights. >> and did you see lightning with this? >> excuse me? >> did you see a lot -- . >> you're on probably seeing a lot of lightning. >> and we haven't seen much and there is a lot of lightning. >> you think the worse is over
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for your area? >> yes. >> did you take shelter when you heard there was a tornado warning issued for you in. >> yeah. >> we heard from a couple of people and turned the tv on. >> and the safe thing is to get to the lowest level, interior room of the home and away from windows and thank you, emily hill from woodsboro and looking at a live picture and the skies are getting gray. this is old town gaithersburg, an area that was pounded earlier and this is the last thing they want to see coming in and from the look of the storm, gaithersburg is going to get rain and not the core of the worst of the storm and as it moves south-southeast and going to the south. we're going to have to watch this, of course, our tornado warnings are up for portions of month groomery and howard county. that looks like it's going to
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travel through noward county, especially western secs as it moves in our direction and definitely menacing skies and what the callers were telling us this afternoon. the sky gets dark and sometimes green. you have 20 minutes' notice and all that -- we have been watching the storm and indications are we're not seeing much rotation in the center of the storm and you can see some of the communities being affected here and cars mill, river farm, mill green and daisy. we'll keep that up on the screen with you and have a live picture of frederick for you. this is i-70, west of i-270 and that rain is coming down and that looks like 8, 8:30, right? >> and people said it was the middle of the night, a sure signee that loaded with rain and the flash flooding is a
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greatern can and in addition to the wind damage. a lot of people reporting circuit miles an hour winds from this even though we have had no confirmation of tornado. we have a caller with us from frederick. i understand you're in your basement? >> i'm in the lower level of the townhouse. >> and i am glad to hear that. i know you have been listening to us and are aware this is on top of you right now. you can describe what is going? >> i am west of liberty town and i have cherry and pine trees in front of me bent almost in half and prior to, that it got dark as night and soundy like a train. big bolts of lightening and the
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skies opened with a great deal of wind and i'm looking out now and it's gone from black to much, much lighter. the trees were not bit in half and lots of lightning and rain. >> how long would you say it lasted for you? >> probably 12 to 15 minutes. before that. there was about a half an hour of strange dark gray error error to black sky and a scope assistant sound like a train. just heavy, heavy distant hundred ther that got closer and closer and then the wind picked up quickly. all of my furniture is down flat on the deck and like i say, my cherry trees were bent almost over and they pretty much just upright and blowing a little. >> it's right there and getting very, very high wind right now and about to move on through.
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and along 75 towards damascus. i think that is 75 and -- >> let's see. 27 and through ridge road and about to get high wind, 50, 60 and 70 miles an hour and damaging winds and that will move to clarksburg boys in laytonsville as well and what does it look like? >> it's lightening up a bit. there were flashes of lightning and thunder. anything ornamental in the garden has flown the coop, so to speak. >> oh. and the water is wishing -- rushing into the drains. i have a calm of drain areas and it's fast-moving heavy water on the street. >> in terms of that, the rain rates here, two to four inches an our and getting a pretty -- very, very heavy rain rate and
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you're confirming that for us and the good news, the storms move to the south-southeast and go any slower than, that we have some flooding problem and where -- are you nowhere sections of frederick? >> yes. >> the northeast corner of frederick city. >> okay. >> right off of route 26 between liberty town and downtown frederick. >> stay on. we have a new tornado warning. they have extended farther to the south and that looks like -- . >> looks like it blinked, anyway. >> and i think we do have. see what is going on here. >> and we're looking at rain here and where you're seeing the heaviest purple there and moving through frederick right now and moving right across
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interstate 70 there and about to cross over and there for damat cus and getting the heavy rain moving on across and into the central sections of howard county there. >> and what they have done is extended the tornado warning in frederick, howard, montgomery and carol until 6:00 and continuing to follow the storm that we're watching and near mount airy. moving south 20 miles an hour and talking about damascus getting poundy and montgomery village, you are going to see some of that coming close to you for the second time and the tornado warning is extended until 6:00. >> and they pushed that down farther into montgomery county and before, it was the extreme northern secs and they pushed it into central sections and
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that means georgian town and gaithersburg and they probably from montgomery village to the north. >> and it was moving southeast and now it's more south and things can change with that. >> and the reason was talking about damascus earlier, we're getting a is the here and that is in rot you -- right now with the heavy wind and that is a signature. they're beginning to concentrate themselves and they coming down to the surface and so, i suspect, again, from damascus to clarksburg and boyds and brookville getting on this storm as well. >> we had an earlier round that went through folks with tornado warnings and had confirmation of a 70 miles an hour wind gusts with the large hail on the order of an inch and a half to two inches.
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that was earlier and the atmosphere is primed -- primed for a possibility of this and this storm, we've had a wind gust reported to this one close to 50 miles an hour and that is going to take down trees and limbs and power lines. >> and the community being effected the next three minutes and most, well all are south of damascus and we think that is the core of the wind and that is chasing along when it's issued and they issued the warning for the entire county and gave us a smaller box light go to true view and we'll show you the smaller box. you can see that? >> i can see it clearly. >> and gets to slide up.
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-- . >> and that is going it to go away. >> the brighter red, if you can see it. >> right. >> and in the middle. >> we can do that. >> there you go. >> and we'll highlight. >> that is the area under the severe part of the storm. >> right. >> and there is no way to outline the specific communities in a big hurry. >> and that is -- yeah, bumping up against 270 and in frederick county. and in the nowhere sections of montgomery county and chasing the storm now and that is showing a lot of signs of rotation and we have to believe. everything we have seen indicates this storm is responsible for damage, if nothing less, just straight- lined winds and no confirmation of any type of tornado. >> possible to put viper up -- videotapeir up, we can show the viewers how it got its act
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together and come -- and let's go back to radar. good job keeping up with the control room and search is happening. we got evidence of low-level rotation. we have radar back on and that is a concern. >> it's there, sue and following through damascus and clarksburg. any community around there and up and down the i-270 corridor there of the county in montgomery and lateensville as well and upland, wildcat for us and that will update in just a second as soon as i get the newest information. >> and we got a caller, too. >> and mike, what have you been
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seeing? what is go heavy rain and leading-edge wind and that died down. >> we expected it would. >> and the rain died down. >> did you have notice this was about to descend on you, mike? >> die. i have weather alert radio. we get good tomorrow iss -- storms here. >> and that is a smart move. >> i don't know if you experienced that violent storm this morning. >> yes, we did did. >> and that is -- the weather radio is smart. the battery-operated radio and we know that the more notice you get on this, the safer you can be. have you had damage up there? >> not that i can see, sue. i'm in the basement and i can't observe. >> that's good. >> too well and not that i can see. >> and what was it about the storm? was it the tornado warning? or were you uncomfortable with what you were hearing and
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seeing? >> i think both. >> good man. >> yeah. >> you're very weather sensitive. you have to be when you live in mount ayr, right? >> that's right. >> and you get a lot of crazy storms out there. >> that's correct. >> and how would you rank this compared to this morning? >> i tnk there was more lightning and that rain was heavier and the wind. >> and gary was saying the rainfall ratings were ridiculous. >> between 2 and 4, which is substantial rain. >> mike, do you have any estimate of what the wind meet have been like up there? consider can you give us a guess? >> i can't this time, sue. >> and you are done in the basement and haven't seen much evidence of damage at this point. >> no. >> and get back us to later. we would love to have any pictures of that at and thank you so much for letting us know what is going. you believe it's winding down now? >> i do. >> and we're glad that you are safely riding out the storm and
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we appreciate you letting us know what is going tonight. thank you, mike. >> and come out of the basement. i think the center of rotation is south of here and in montgomery village, south of clarksburg and to boyds. and that is across 270. take coverage immediately. you're directly under the rotation of this potentially tornadic-producing thunderstorm, too. and then we end up with -- you see the communities that we're giving you good notice well out ahead of what is going and there is a little bit of a wind core in this storm, too. if you were noticing me switching around to colors earlier, i was looking at where we were chasing the wind. it's not as pronounced as what it was earlier. i am going to be leave the storm arrival times up for you. if you're in a couple of those, you want to know what is coming down. i want to switch quickly and give an idea where this is and my fear is that some of this, and you can see the greens
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under there and that is the wind field. earlier, we had 40 to 50 miles per hour winds there. my fear here is this product comes off the national weather service radar and it's a little bit delayed, okay? we have been seeing the wind field diminish the last 10 minutes or so as you can -- you can see, we will lose the low- level decoration and losing the low-levelitation and we see that, we know the storm is weakening a bit and we can't give the all clear here because we're seeing it potentially weaken for a few minutes and that is pulsing the last hour or so. we get rapid rotation with the storm and it weakens up and then up comes it. it appears to be weakening and that does not mean anything. that can produce a lot of
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damage n. this corridor, down to 270 and 355 into montgomery village and gaithersburg, received extensive damage this morning as the initial stormway went through with very, very high-level winds and we have seen some of that damage already today and i know for a fact there have been roofs taken off the smaller structures and a lot of tree damage and that is from straight line wind, we have not seen the rotating thunderstorm, thunderstorm that continues to exhibit the characteristics of thunderstorms that can produce very, very strong straight-line winds and maybe as much as 60, 70 potentially up to 80 miles per hour. >> we haven't had anything with hail. we did with the culpeper thunderstorms. we are not getting the hail report with this batch and as
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we look at the path the storm is taking between clarksburg and gaithersburg, that is going to hit communities like montgomery village, the washington grove area, durwood and redland. the air park might be in the path and mccrowder, coming down 355 and you will have to watch as the storm is trying to shift the direction and go a little bit more due south and let's get an arrow on it and that is moving is out at 29 miles an hour and seeing it picking up speed here. no time to prepare for this and now is the time to do that. the storm basically looks like yet wants to jump 270 here and might be affecting places like great falls and in northwest d.c. and we have active tornado warnings for month groomery county, howard and frederick
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until 6:00 and this line of storms we're watching since this afternoon, we saw it and coming together and the entire region is under a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 and looks like the last batch. it's cleared pennsylvania and northern maryland and continuing to move quickly south and getting a bp -- bti where the tornado index is 2.7 and not bad but still capable of damage and we know that we have had reports of winds gusting as high as 60 miles per hour and as the storms came through. >> right, still very, very dangerous, too and that is indicating what we call abo echo and continues to do that. if anything, the last few ruins -- runs, it's not exhibiting any signs of lessening and even though it mean rotating less here. >> the echo would be similar to
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the damage around here a few weeks ago on a sunday and everyone was sure it was a tornado and the wins straight out of it and can be as high as zero or ef-1 tornado. >> and what happens, we talk about the storms micro bursting a bit and if we can pull out the radar and when you get them in the double box, that is hard to see and we know it's raining and that is great. if we can get the information, it's good stuff and to expand that and the storms, we talk about microbursting and i am positive that they have been
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doing that this afternoon and in concerated areas and like a fist that punches out of the storm and that hits the ground. when it does that, it does in all directions and the winds get stronger and whats some out of the storm is not on the ground and that can do damage. that can take the grooves off of small structures and someone called me saying the beachers were moved into andy ising on top of home plate. >> and that area got pounded. >> exactly. >> and looks like the same area is getting pounded this afternoon. >> and we're monitoring for a rotation in the storms and i also want to meg, we have not had a confirmation of tornados
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yet and at this point, we heard there was an eyewitness touching down and damaged reports have come in and every indication on radar shows us that the insides of the storms are spinning, whether it's touch down yet or not and that remains to be scope and our job is to warn you. the tornado warnings continue until 6:00 and coming in on our northern and western suburbs and picking up speed, quite frankly, as they race to d.c. at 30 miles per hour. >> and basically now, gaithersburg proper, especially northern section of gaithersburg, you're starting to get very, very high wind. it will be out of the leading edge of the rain and as the rain comes in, it will be windy. only, i think, in the next 10 to 15 minutes and you're going to be firmly into some pretty good wind there and that looks like the concentration of the highest wind moving across 270
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now and between clarksburg and germantown. and you're going to get, if not already, getting very, very high wind again. we have had several people talking about the fact that the wind has been bending the trees over and doing some damage as well. >> this is i-270 at father hurly. this is what people are driving home in. >> exactly. >> it's hard to see, the visibility is terrible and luckily the water is ponding on 270. this is not what you want to head into. you want to get bogged down and that is a major commuter route and they're going into the belly of the beast at this point. >> and there are the communities effected by this and probably wind is a big thing here. you're under the tornado warning and that is going until
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6:00. and that takes it down. it will be interesting to see the next few minutes or so if the national weather service extends this tornado warning this is -- that is in effect until 6:00. no confirmation of a tornado and no reports of that. again, as the storms are rotating, it's showing lots of rotation and they trying to get the warnings put out ahead of time and producing hail up to one inch in diameter and that is smaller than what we had most of the afternoon and where we were up to 1 1/2 to two inches of storm and in that rainfall. if the control room can switch
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in, i. to give everyone an idea how the storm system is moving from the northwest and you can see washington there, too and that is an expansive storm grown to the west and to washington county. the strongest part is the leading edge here and this echo we have been watching and producing strong wind. >> i understand we have a live picture? >> and you can see tremendous heavy rain there and you can see that there is a tremendous amount of rain. i can see the traffic camera on the left side of the picture and swinging in the breeze there. we have strong winds coming on through and as we take that and everyone has their lights on, good and, obviously, a lot of waterfalling as the -- and some of the heaviest rain comes
5:38 pm
south and heads to d.c. so far so good and we want people to be safe and no reports of dorned a -- tornados yet. we continue to monitor the radar systems here to make sure that nothing is spinning. at this point -- moment, i think we have to make sure people in the bethesdaiary of this storm moves on this path and that is moving a bit. it was heading more southeast and looks to me like it's going to clip northern virginia and bethesda and through north potomac there. >> i hate to say it. it's going 32 you where all the other storms are. this morning's round of storms moves through. >> we see that a lot when the
5:39 pm
storms that hit us leave a boundary or, if you want to think of it, seeding the atmosphere for another storm to grow and that is happening and that is causing the storms to blow up into the stage areas. >> and more power outages and into gaithersburg and rockville and the older and larger trees and the power line there and they may have been weakened from the storm and didn't come down. >> and the energy available in the atmosphere has been fueled by the intense heat and that does not cool off at night. 87 at 11:00 and i see the temperatures are coming down and sometimes when you have extreme heat, you get extreme storms and this is what it takes to cool us off and get us back to normal. we believe that once this gets through our region, you know, a long night and with the severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00, things will be getting better and cooler. the drier air is coming in and that is not going to be humid and that is a light show and
5:40 pm
that is a tremendous amount of rain and damage and -- a live picture out of silver spring right now and looking back. beth parker and her crew now and the storm is still a waives away and -- still a ways away and that is back to the north and again, probably over the next year or so in silver spring or the northern sections in the district there, along the northern parts of the beltway and to even -- far north as olney and this is moving down on you quickly. move 20 to 25 miles per hour and the good news here, it at least in the last few minutes, we still have the tornado
5:41 pm
warning in effect until 6:00 and that is through central and northern
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
it's running to 270 and that is west of where you are. >> i am -- have satellite tv. i lost you and i have been watching you over an hour and i have to talk to you. >> and we're grateful that you're watching and appreciate the report and they got pounded earlier in gaithersburg this morning and trees with 13 injuries and it would be nice if some of this passed the community, gaithersburg so hard hit this morning. sounds like rain and lightening for you, donna. >> that is it. >> thank you so much. we appreciate your call and encourage you folks to call in. you saw the number there a
5:44 pm
moment ago. 202-895-3000. we would rather hear from you because it gives us a great idea of what is going in your community and helps us is to prepare others in the path. >> sometimes we look at this and won't to get everybody enough warning ahead of the storm and talking about when and the potential damage and we lose sight of what the color means. the green is the lighter rain at the beginning of the storm and a couple of interests with the colors, red indicates very, very heavy rain and you can see to the right of laytonsville to the screen, to the east and that would bea little heal spike in the storm and that, the doppler is now indicating the hail increased potentially in size a bit and that was down to one each and is back to an each and a half. if you're right there to the east of laytonsville, that is where you're getting the potentially -- the greatest amount and largest size of hey. i will zoom in.
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laytonsville to brookeville and this is going to hit you. if this continues, it looks like you may end up giving heat as well. we haven't been giving reports of real large hail other than from this storm. >> that's right, people have had a little bit of help and haven't been able to defect it, gary, but down in culpepperiary area, where we had earlier severe thunderstorms or tornado warnings, reports of two-much on heal and a sign that there was a powerful updraft or rotation inside a thunderstorm. the hail can get that big with something spinning inside the thunderstorm tuesday. >> correct. >> and the storms weakened and strengthened again and there are now warnings up for the richmond area and that is giving you an idea that they do pulse and might be rotating for awhile and settle down and find a new patch of energy and get circulating again. >> rockville, heavy rain and
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about to move into the rockville area and the communities. the heaviest of the wind, the highest wind is about a mile north of the courthouse there in rockville and, of course, the rockville metro station and that will continue to sweep on down and the concentration of wind, again, the highest wind has been right along the 355/270 corridor over the last 15 minutes and coming down through gaithersburg and eventually into rockville. we have not gotten a new tornado warning issued on this storm, so it's weakening a bit -- weakening a bit. there are no signs of any great amount of rotation in this storm. it's only appearing to be basically a more transitioning, at least now, into more of a straight-line wind event and as sue was mentioning before, this storm has been pulsing. it loses its signature of rotation and waits about 20
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minutes and then it finds something and starts rotating again and we'll continue to watch that and anywhere from olney now through laytonsville, the highest wind moved through year and getting heavy rain, though. the highest wind moved through boyds and not heavy rain. gaithersburg, the 30, 40, maybe 50 miles an hour wind is already moved through gaithersburg and into extreme southern sections of gaithersburg and under rockwell. darnstown, feeling it now. the heavy rain and high winds coming on down and doesn't appear the wind go for darnestown is strong as what we have had there along that 270 corridor and that corridor and come coming down. >> we're not getting many reports of power outages in case you're wondering, and we're glad about that. that is the last thing anyone
5:48 pm
needs and had -- pepco has 79,000 a lot of these from this morning and dominion, virginia, over 5,000. and bge, 2,071. montgomery county was hard hit this morning. i am sure the last thing anyone wants to see is another line of strong and damaging storms. >> and that does look like the wind is beginning to relax a bit with this and i am not getting any real, real strong wind indicators coming from the storm and as it moves more into the district, it's going to weaken. >> and i'm finding reports of trees and limbs down and that is standard for the heat and damaging storms and i have not found anything worse than that or to indicate that a tornado was touched down. >> there have been no reports.
5:49 pm
>> correct. >> and appears for now the tornado threat is pretty much for them and that is not that we want to say stand down but it extends to the west and to like it's going to be more than 30 miles per hour-wind gusts and high wind as well. >> clay, i considered it a 2- for-1 special when i talk with you. not only are you a meteorologist but a spokesman for pepco coand we'll have to start with the pepco stuff. what is the latest and you have in new outages as a result of this afternoon's storm?
5:50 pm
>> and we're looking at 61,000 rising as the storm came down and to the southern portions of the county and we picking up outages. >> had a number of roughly 80,000 out. with pepco, is that still? >> and we're looking at 77,000 total and as the storm comes through, they're going to rise again. >> oh, and is it ever able to be assessed as this is ongoing, whether it's a few hours or going to be a day, a number of days for people? can you tell that by looking at the wind reports we're talking about? >> well, we can. when we look at the storms, we picked up the severe signatures and we look at the largerb tights of the system and -- entities of the system.
5:51 pm
we know what they going -- going to do to us. as the storm continues to wax -- wane, we're hopeful we won't have as many outages as this morning and that is looking better. >> encouraging and if you're watching us, the box we're soggy -- he you is veers mill and rockville pike and a lot of brake lights. clay, i am sure you're happy to see that that does not look like the wind was strong as it was. we have flash flood warnings popping up and heavy rain is of concern and for arlington, fairfax, county and montgomery. is there anything else before we let you go? >> the he water due to the heavy rain effects the wires that are down and we tell our customers, please, particularly the high water, 1-877-pepco-62 and if there is water touching
5:52 pm
a wire consider that water to be energized as well as the wires, stay away from the wires and we'll send the crews out and take care of it. >> and that number again, 1-877- pepco-62 in. that is it. >> okay, good. thank you very much and hope that is not as bad as some of these past wounds -- rounds of storms have been. thank you so much for joining us. >> talk later. >> sounds good. >> thank you. and we have the flash flood warnings now, gary? >> and i want to put on the rain yates -- rain rates. what we're looking at is the heaviest of the rain and that is in purple, the heaviest yin and i want to show you why they have been issued and i haven't been able to get the hard copy. >> i'll get it. >> to give you an idea of what the rain rates are. there are a lot of available moisture and potentially some cores in the storms that are producing as much as 2 to 4- inch et cetera of -- inches of
5:53 pm
rain per hour. the storm has not flood down any and that is picked up speed between about 20 and 25 and undyications of 25 to 30 miles per hour and the concern here is this morning. we got so much rain moving through this area and this morning. that is why there is a worry now, the flash flood warnings issued and that is going to be until 8:45 tonight and that does include the district and frommont georgey county, howard county, fairfax county and an overeven unanticipating the heavy rain into prince georges county as well a lot of re-- pre-emptive warnings are issued. >> and i want to ask the control room to bring up the picture and you can't see
5:54 pm
anything. >> wow. >> and that is just a stream of brake lights. completely dangerous to be out and can't see two feet in front of your face and this this. >> you know what is interesting, when they issue the warning, they will tell you how much rain we have received in places from the storm and they're not doing that. >> and they're saying this is the warning. >> another thing, too, even though we have the flash flood warnings, we don't have tornado warnings and that looks like at 6:00, the montgomery county tornado warning, which, by the way, the storm has moved pretty much south of where they were
5:55 pm
issued and i haven't gotten any indication that sue has it. >> no, they haven't. >> they haven't issued any new ones. >> nothing new. >> that is an encouraging sign and gad about that. i am not sure but i wanted to so -- still showing up for you? or is it cancelled in. >> still showing up. >> okay. >> and this is in effect. northwestern howard. -- . >> and on the storm, moving to basically the south at 20 to 30 miles per hour? the storms moving faster than others and there is a core to the northwest of rockville between rockville and olney and looks like the heaviest of the rain. where was that live picture we saw? >> where was that 42-from?
5:56 pm
>> we just heard that we got a tweet from lauren rickus, she said seven locks road and potime ascompletely closed? >> you know the area and that has low-lying regions and that is closed. >> and i came through that and there was a lot of damage and that is where the heaviest of the rain is pushing in and for the next 10 minutes or so. >> no new trees came down and that is -- blocking. >> sure. >> and from earlier, the many rounds we have had so far this summer and the extreme heat and humidity firing up the atmosphere and that allows the storms to be violent which we have seen earlier today.
5:57 pm
>> and i am going to put a different type of storm arrival time indicator on here. the storm now is producing winds and that is getting a little wider than what we were seeing earlier and this is go -- there are going be so many communities, you're not going to keep up. what i want to you look at is look at the box that i have drawn there and if you live inside that box, the great falls, the potomac and bethesda, chevy chase, this is not -- to the north of and you moving through rockville. and that goes to the i-95 corridor and that is bearing down on the 270 spur and if you're in this box, know that what is -- in the next 10 to 15 minutes, probably more like 10
5:58 pm
minutes, this is going to move on through. very heavy rain and we saw some pictures there and it was one of the callers earlier indicated as being a whiteout. >> and that is blinding. >> yeah. >> and being in the worst of the snowstorms and it's all liquid. you can't see or tell if someone stopped in front of you and can't tell how deal the carting is. you want to be out of this area and, again, we're getting reports of roads closed to trees down and high water. the flash flood warning goes until 845 tonight for alexandrea, arlington, fairfax, howard, montgomery and prince georges and in the district of columbia as well. >> if you're going commute out north to maryland, you probably will do better staying in the district. >> no doubt. >> the traffic is going to be so, so bad and it's not safe to be out there with that very, very heavy rain. >> our 6:00 news is about to
5:59 pm
start. send us your videos or pictures and that will help us to tell the story of what is happen. we have active tornado warnings and flash flood warnings and more news to bring you. fox 5 news edge at 6 begins right now. >> tonight, severe weather sweeping through the region. we have had tornado warnings, flash flood warnings. the entire is under a severe thunderstorm watch tonight. if you're safe and sound in the home and out of the storm's path, on the periphery, this is where your technology is as good as ours. we can't put a microwave mask into the air or a satellite truck in the lightning and dangerous water and if you're at home, you can


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